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DIY Work

Customers are allowed to do their own DIY Work. If DIY work is to be done in the yard, customers are required to sign a copy of our terms and conditions, which contains our rules and agreements for working in the yardIf contractors are hired to assist with or perform DIY projects additional fees apply, depending on scope of work. 

Laydays: $4 per foot per day

Misc Equipment Laydays: .75 per foot per day (storage only)

(Keel, Rudder, Boom, Cradle): $1.75 per foot per day 

Haul, Block, and Launch (or Offload/Block/Launch): Starting at $21 a foot

Contractor laydays start at $6 per ft.




Please fill out our boatyard request form if you are interested in coming in for DIY work

If additional help is needed to complete your project, we have great subcontractors in the yard who can help you with your boating project, big or small. 


Rio 100 working on a project

DMB Boat.jpg

We will haul and block your boat so you can do the work

Please contact us at 619-221-8456 if you would like to schedule a time to come in for DIY services. 

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